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The principal activities of brains are making changes in themselves

Marvin L. Minsky

What is Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method is a sophisticated approach to improve your life. Is uses gentle, mindful movement to bring awareness and better options into every aspect of your self.

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Are you curios about Feldenkrais? Do you want to try without commiting? I add regularly new free audio lessons for beginners!

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Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method

Is is almost impossible to name all the benefits of the method but let's give it a go...

  1. 1

    What if you could move away from pain?

    Pain can have many origin and unfortunately the origin of the pain in some instances remain elusive also to medical investigation. A painful sensation is an alert that something is …

  2. 2

    Can you improve any further, can you find better options?

    The only limitation in our ability to improve is our system of belief.

    Improving your performance may require a different approach to the way you train. Every aspect of an …

  3. 3

    Using the nervous system language to rewire your brain

    Feldenkrais© teachers work with people presenting a variety of neurological disorders, that can be present from birth, result from a neurodegenerative illness, be due to traumatic brain injury or related …

  4. All the benefits...

Type of Activities

We can describe an ice cream but if you never tried one, the taste, the consistency, the sensation will remain elusive...In the same way we can talk a lot about the Feldenkrais method but it needs to be practiced and experienced to be understood....
Feldenkrais Group Lessons

Group Classes

I run a variety of classes generally relatd to specific themes but approached from different angles. Each lesson in a class will be different to keep you and your nervous system engaged...

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Feldenkrais Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons

Are you in pain? Do you have specific issue? Do you want to improve quickly? Os simply you want to give yourself the gift of receiving a very gentle and comforting movement lesson. This is the ultimate gift you can offer to yourself. Offers are available on multiple bookings.

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Feldenkrais Audio Lessons

Audio Packs

I regularly add audio lessons to the website, you can buy packs of Lessons related to specific issues or single lessons and listen and practice them in your own house.

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Feldenkrais Free Lessons

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Not ready to pay for it? I know it all seems very nice on paper but maybe it is just not you favourite ice cream flavour... Taste a group lesson, or listen to one of the free audio lesson in the comfort of your own house

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