Picture of Alessandro  Bombardi

Dr. Alessandro Bombardi

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

I studied and practised the Feldenkrais method for more than 20 years. The Feldenkrais Method helped me in many ways from developing a methodology to approach and simplify complex problems, to  finding different breathing options, and, last but not least, to move away from excruciating shoulder pain.  

As a scientist, I found the Feldenkrais approach to human movement and learning the most sophisticated and complete one available to date.

The Feldenkrais comprehensive approach encompasses the role of the nervous system, its plasticity, developmental and autonomous aspects, the role of the gravitational fields as an external force as well as aspects of the internal constraints dictated by the skeletal body mechanics. It is not surprising in this respect the consideration that the method is gaining amongst the new generation of neuroscientists.

There are many aspects of human learning that are still beyond our current understanding and we should not be mistaken by thinking that this approach can deal magically with all the issues that we can experience but the Feldenkrais Method is an invaluable tool to find in ourselves resources to help us during our life journey.



How do I work?


Every person is a new story for me. To be effective in my approach I need to have the person in front of me.  I give myself time to understand where the person is, his/her habits and where and how we can work together. 

I have acquired a series of wonderful tools and techniques from my teachers and my personal enquiries, but I never know in advance what I will do, I will tailor my approach to your specific situation and meet you where you are.

Thanks to my physics background, I have a deep understanding of how forces transmit through the skeleton and how different sets of muscles are involved in allowing a movement and make it more efficient.

Through touch and words, I help you to direct your attention and awareness from problems to new options and solutions.

I will help you to recognize what is necessary and what is superfluous in a movement, together we will explore and refine your evolving self image.

Athletes and musicians work constantly on perfecting their gestures, especially when they served them well through time. This is fantastic, but as they also constantly evolve and perfect their skills, sometime that gesture can become elusive and they can get scared about loosing something, whilst they are just on the verge of finding a better way. Using the Feldenkrais method I can help them to systematically explore novel, better way to move and play.

Passion, playfulness, determination and envy of improving and going beyond current limitations makes my approach ideal for inquisitive people who love to investigate and are eager to know more about their way of moving and want to hone their skills, move away from chronic pain or find new movement options.