Feldenkrais Individual Lessons Oxford

Move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency

Alessandro Bombardi

In a way we start growing old in the womb and we continue the process throughout our time on the Earth, however we probably really start to grow old when we stop looking for novelty and we start to restrict ourselves to one way of performing our daily activities.

This is a very dangerous attitude, as it can leave us without alternative and, more insecure, whenever cicumstances force us outside of our usual path.

The immediate feeling accompanying the lack of options in movement is a lack in flexibility and it can be associated with a reduction in muscular strength, and some balance loss. 

Changes occur throughout our lives and we need to keep our brain awake to adapt to them!

At every age, we have to adapt to modification occurring in our life circumstances! Finding new and more refined ways to perform daily action will allow us to age gracefully. 

The Feldenkrais method© classes and lessons combine safety and challenges, that you will be able to tackle at your own pace looking for your own solutions. The direct relationship between the movement sequence that you will explore and your daily activity will provide you with the powerful experience of improving every day. 

The sophisticated sequence of movements present in the lessons will bring every parts of your skeleton and muscular system in action, gently allowing you to rediscover your whole self and going throughyou daily activity with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. 



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People often report an increased sense of vitality and envy to try new activities or rediscover almost forgotten passions. 

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