Functional Integrations™

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Feldenkrais Sessions are available in central Oxford, in Abingdon and online

When: Sessions are by appointment and last about 60 minutes

Fees: 80.0 £
Get in touch for low income concessions and multiple bookings discounts.

Individual Sessions are as unique as you are. People attending an individual sessions are walking on different paths. For this reason we work together and I tailor my approach to your needs.

Are you a performer, an athlete, a dancer?

Are you recovering from a stroke?

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

The lesson that we will develop will be unique for you and you only.

The series of movement that we will explore will engage your brain in a pleasurable way, and will be adapted to address your particular needs and concerns.

Sessions are often made of slow, delicate movements and gentle variations allowing your brain to discover a better alignment of the musculoskeletal system and more efficient pattern of movement.

I will guide your attention through my touch and occasional remarks during and after the lesson. The movements are not intended to develop the muscles or to adjust you.

We are not able to control all our muscles, and often conscious control only shifts tension from one place to another one. I will facilitate your exploration of better movement options and we will find what works for you at a given moment in time.

The movements in a Feldenkrais session are information-rich and designed to improve your life.

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