Feldenkrais Individual Lessons Oxford

Can you find better and more personal way to perform?

Alessandro Bombardi

For singers, musicians, actors and other performers a refined use of their body is essential not only to communicate more effectively their artistic intentions, but also to prevent the injury related to the extreme demands placed on themselves.

If we think to the position adopted routinely by violinists, or to the extreme vocal performances requested to an opera singer, or to the body demands on a ballet dancer it is easy to understand why often people working in these professions tend to develop pains or fixed postures associated with their professional activities.

We do need that to understand that a healthy body needs to be able to perform all sorts of activities and whenever we get fixed in particular habits they can be detrimental to our well-being despite being esthetically valuable. Another unwelcome consequence of being caught in a persistent habit can be the sensation of stagnating in a particular activity. 

The Feldenkrais teacher is educated to evaluate the demands you put on various parts of the body during your movement and to identify the areas more subject to wear and tear as consequence of your movement habits.

Exploring from fresh novel movement possibilities can open the way to different ways to approach your performance that will help you to go beyond your current limitations.   

Together we will explore new movement opportunities that can facilitate your performance and allow you to become more aware of any habit that could contribute to your discomfort.