Somatic Experiencing™

Picture on an individual Session

Where: These sessions are available in Abingdon or on line. Fill in the form on the website or use the contact me page and I will send all the details.

When: Sessions are by appointment and last about 60 minutes

Fees: 70.0 £
Get in touch for low income concessions and multiple bookings discounts.

Unlock the path to healing with Somatic Experiencing (SE), a transformative journey that reconnects your mind and body.
Imagine a space where your unique experiences are honored, and the power of your body's wisdom is harnessed for holistic healing.


Empowering Connection: Rediscover the harmony between your thoughts and body sensations.
Liberating Trauma Release: Experience the freedom as stored trauma energy is gently released.
Self-Discovery: Navigate stress responses with newfound awareness of your emotions and body.
Nervous System Harmony: Achieve balance, reducing anxiety and promoting emotional regulation.
Mindful Liberation: Embrace a judgment-free zone, where mindful exploration fosters healing.
Tailored Healing: Your journey, your way. SE adapts to your unique experience of trauma.
Preventive Resilience: Safeguard your well-being, preventing long-term trauma-related disorders.
During Your Personal Session:
You will step into a secure environment, where your story is respected and heard.
Together we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, focusing on your body's whispers.
I will accompany you, gently steering towards nervous system harmony.
I will tailor my techniques to address your specific needs, honoring your individuality.
You will witness the seamless integration of mind and body, paving the way for transformative healing.
Embark on a personalized healing adventure with Somatic Experiencing, where your resilience takes center stage, and your body becomes a powerful ally in your journey to well-being.
Your story deserves to be heard, and your healing starts here.

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