On Line Individual Lessons

What Happens in an online individual session?

It would be wonderful to have the opportunity to meet you in person and work directly with you but my current feeling is that it is wise to wait for the situation to change before attempting to do it, so how can I help you online?

I provide a few examples:

L. has no specific issues but she regularly come to see me for tailored lessons to explore new movement possibilities. She finds the lessons relaxing and beneficial for her wellbeing. We explore together different movement aspects, the relation between breathing, anxiety and holding patterns. Slowly I am empowering her through teaching how to identify tense and less mobile areas through her own touch. 

E. was in pain, I asked her many questions to understand the origin of the pain and identify the sore area precisely to avoid to create further irritations. I watched her moving and walking. This investigation allowed me to make an educated guess about movement patterns contributing to the issue. We looked for a comfortable position to work in together and we explored together movement options to allow to reduce the muscular tonus and move her focus away from the sore areas. I provided suggestions to help her to move away from pain and suggestion to learn movement alternatives.  

What you will need to join a lesson?

A space on the floor with a blanket or mat to lie on.

A webcam/tablet/phone pointing at you, so I can see all of you when you move.

To download and run the Zoom app on your device (I will share password once you book a lesson)

I’ll be there few minutes in advance to say hello, chat, and help with any of the above.

Individual lessons usually last about 60 minutes, including some discussion before and after.  

Its important you move yourself gently, and stay within a comfortable limit.

When taking part in an online lesson, it is your responsibility to make sure you tell me if something does not feel right for you.

These Individual Lessons run every morning (London time ) from Monday to Saturday, click below to book an appointment 


Choose an appointment!!!

Please contact me directly if you wish further info or an individual lesson outside these hours

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