Feldenkrais Individual Lessons Oxford

Help you to find better movement habits!

Alessandro Bombardi

Habits are important as allow us to perform most of our daily motor activities in an almost unconscious way. 

We do not need to pay attention whilst we are sitting in front of the computer or using our mouse, but sometimes our way of using ourselves underuse parts of our body  whilst other parts strain to carry out all the work.

This misuse of our body, when ingrained in an habitual pattern, can't be simply changed by following valuable external advice but it needs to become part of a new and more efficient movement habit. 

Luckily enough modern research in neuroscience has confirmed the early Moshe Feldenkrais intuition that the brain is plastic to a previously unknown extent, and, given the opportunity, can easily learn new and better movement options. 

Together we will explore systematically different and novel movement options. Such exploration will allow your nervous system to move away from the ususal contractions and misuse that can magnify pain and discomfort.

New, easy and elegant movement pattern will become possible.