Feldenkrais Individual Lessons Oxford

Can you improve any further, can you find better options?

Alessandro Bombardi

The only limitation in our ability to improve is our system of belief.

Improving your performance may require a different approach to the way you train. Every aspect of an athletic performance can depend on how refined is your gesture and how free from unnecessary movement. 

The intention and the body needs to be perfectly in phase so that no unnecessary gesture will hinder your performance. Approaching your movements from an original perspective can make you aware of all the superfluous pattern that can lead to injury or simply reduce your ability to perform better.

Sometime we can use mistakes or unnecessary action to magnify a tendency you already have, and make it more clear for you so that it is no longer an unconscious action but become within your control and as M. feldenkrais said: "When you know what you are doing, you can do what you want!"  

Feldenkrais practitioners work with elite athletes, here is an interview with a member of the Canadian Alpine ski team.