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Babies develop very quickly during the first year of their life adding constantly new skills to their repertoire. Even if it can be useful from an adult perspective to put baby skills in category, it would be wrong to consider motor, social, emotional and cognitive skills in isolation as they influence each other.

The development of the motor skills is fundamental to foster the social and emotional development, but it is also driven by the desire of the baby to explore his/her surroundings.   

It is the parental support that provides the infant with the emotional and physical to feel secure and supported during this pivotal year full of daily changes.

Hence, it is crucial for the parents to trust their ability to recognize critical developmental stages in their child and the fundamental relationship between brain development and movement. 

By actively exploring the movement patterns that your baby will experience during his/her first year of life you will put in practice the saying:  

“The one who sees, forgets; the one who hears, remembers; and the one who does, understands.”

Actively exploring the movement that your baby will experience, you will be able to recognize them and make sense of their role in building your infant ability to take his/her first steps.

Who is this series for?

- everyone who wants to explore and improve their movement options

- everyone who wants to learn to move with elegance and ease

- parents and educators with an interest in baby development





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