May 12, 2024, 9:14 a.m.

In the realm of frozen emotions

Alessandro Bombardi
In the realm of frozen emotions, people can adopt postures reminiscent of Auguste Rodin's "Eve." Much like Rodin's sculpted masterpiece with its ashamed gaze and slouched form, these emotions crystallize into frozen positions that reflect a dual narrative of self-shielding and vulnerability. The averted gaze mirrors a desire to avoid external scrutiny, while the slouched aspect suggests a difficult internal dialogue, both shielding and expressing the intricate nuances within. In the thawing process, there's a notable link to the benefits of somatic experiencing and the Feldenkrais method, two approaches that acknowledges the mind-body connection. Through somatic experiencing and Feldenkrais I will help your body to becomes a vessel for releasing trapped emotions, allowing them to flow freely. These transformative practices recognizes that emotions are not a construction of the mind but are embedded in the physicality of our being. In embracing this holistic understanding, the frozen postures of emotion can gradually yield to a more fluid, embodied expression, echoing the liberating potential found in Rodin's "Eve" as she unfolds from her protective stance.
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